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Strategic & Business Planning

LaPiana SSIR Report

By janglick / September 10, 2020

La Piana Consulting recently surveyed 750 nonprofits and published a report on COVID-19’s Impact on Nonprofits’ Revenues, Digitization, and Mergers. The results are posted in a new article on Stanford’s Social Innovation Review. The survey indicates financial and operational stress due to the impacts of COVID, and reflects leaders’ thoughts on necessary changes for viability. Read…

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Nonprofit Consolidations Since the Great Recession

By janglick / August 5, 2020

Ten years ago I published a book, Nonprofit Turnaround, A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants and Funders. The book was published in the middle of the Great Recession: the marked economic decline that occurred between 2007–2009.  Over the course of 20+ workshops and presentations from my book tour across the US over the following year, one…

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