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Transformational change agents for performance improvement

Glick Davis & Associates is a strategic organizational development firm nationally recognized as specialized performance improvement change agents for the public and nonprofit sectors. We drive organizational outcomes by engaging with boards of directors, executive leadership and other senior leaders to assess honestly and implement tailored approaches to strengthening leadership, strategies, results and impact.

Insight from decades of experience to make a difference

A highly analytical team, we have helped hundreds of clients braid aspirational vision with data-driven, realistic approaches to improved performance and impact.  Our team brings over 25 years of experience, and more than 250 nonprofit clients and case studies produced through ground-breaking research released in the seminal book Nonprofit Turnaround. Glick Davis & Associates' strategies are also based on data collected from hundreds of executive leadership case studies from coaching and executive transitions, over 30 nonprofit mergers, and successful strategic and public policy initiatives to support  improvements in nonprofit performance and impact.

Unique focus, specialized expertise

Our team of consultants have been nonprofit leaders themselves, and bring a practical and focused approach, and direct and supportive communication style with expertise in nonprofit leadership, financial planning, management, strategy implementation, regulatory and policy environments, culture, and a deep understanding of the daily challenges that nonprofit face.  We also come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, with training in systems, performance improvement, law, facilitation, and organizational best practices.  We leverage this expertise to guide clients towards a better understanding of the issues underlying their organization’s performance, and then provide sensible and tested solutions to clear those hurdles.

Timely and realistic guidance

More than ever before, nonprofits and government agencies are facing increased financial and operational challenges, which impact their mission-based work.  But under the careful guidance of our team of specialized change agents, even organizations in deep distress can improve performance, strengthen leadership and achieve transformational change.  Using a targeted approach with our strategic and operational experts to address the most significant organizational challenges, we literally build the foundations for lasting change in the nonprofit sector.

Visionary and strategic support

We will help you develop both the vision so that you can see untapped potential within your organization, and guide the change process, leading to sound recommendations and tangible results.

Our work is approached with the urgency that nonprofit organizations also feel to achieve community impact, whether through energizing exploration of the arts, providing services to children, or developing a powerful coalition.  We believe that a strong and sustainable nonprofit sector is foundational to a healthy and connected community.