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Strategic & Business Planning

Practical nonprofit planning that strengthens your organization

Effective nonprofit strategic and business planning with collaborative facilitation helps your organization refine mission and focus, target sustainability and desired growth through leveraged opportunities to enhance your market position and outcomes for impact. Glick Davis & Associates' team has facilitated and written over 50 strategic plans and our team's executive leadership experience supports implementation-oriented planning approaches.


Our planning solutions include high-level strategic plans, detailed business plans including financial projections, and plans for individual lines of business.

Strategic and Business Plan Solutions

Our planning services incorporate:

  • Analysis of organizational purpose and capacity
  • Internal organizational assessment
  • Financial analysis
  • External market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Performance management systems

Products for Planning Solutions

We deliver written plans aligned to specific outcomes with built-in metrics to monitor success — keeping people and programs accountable for performance. Multi-year financial projections are developed with plans so that the budget is consistent with strategies.  Plans can be detailed narrative, for internal and external use, or dashboard style.

Coaching Support Solutions

Where specific initiatives have universal support prior to completion of the plan, we recommend and provide coaching through their launch.



What our clients are saying


Our team has facilitated and developed strong and successful strategic and business plans with over 50 organizations over 25 years and implemented plans for community impact as executive leaders.  We base every recommendation on thorough research, analysis and a knowledge of best practices in the field.  We focus on creating awareness of opportunity and excitement about the possibilities that change can bring, and are passionately committed to your success.

How we work with you

Glick Davis & Associates supports your organization's self-assessment and refinement or ongoing clarity of organizational direction. We apply a range of planning methodologies, tailored to your situation.We help you develop visionary strategies, with hands-on assistance to realize lasting change and sequenced plans that stick, to get the outcomes you're seeking.  We also 'stay the course', working with you to implement the change through cultural and political barriers - during "life after the plan."

Our approach to planning is participatory. We involve the organization’s leadership throughout the process to build buy-in, generally starting with a planning committee.  We start by working with you to identify the right stakeholders and your vision of success.  Then we determine the most positive, productive process to get the job done.  Through in-person facilitated retreats, in-person and web-conference style meetings, we work collaboratively with you to develop, launch, and follow through on plans.