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Our Approach

Each agency confronts challenges with its own unique history and culture influencing decisions and outcomes. If you are facing difficult decisions, we can help you do so, sooner rather than later, and in a direct, skillful way that balances leadership-driven action and buy-in through participatory group process. We guide you away from crisis by identifying benefits and risks of specific strategies and changes, managing expectations, and encouraging decisive action.

We start by working with you to identify the right stakeholders and your vision of success. Then we determine the most positive, productive process to get the job done. Sometimes that involves creating consensus by facilitating group planning and decision-making. Other times it means coaching and/or assisting leaders to convey difficult or controversial information and helping you take necessary next steps.  Inside our team, we leverage the right expertise for you at the right time, in support of your objectives.

We base every recommendation on thorough research, analysis, and a knowledge of best practices in the field, and we follow-up every change with a complete evaluation. We focus on creating awareness of opportunity and excitement about the possibilities that change can bring, and are passionately committed to your success.