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Partnerships & Mergers

Results for longevity, sustainability and community impact

Seeking a good strategic fit to strengthen your mission and financial performance? Our team has deep experience in nonprofit partnership development and full scale mergers. We have facilitated 32 structured partnerships, joint ventures and mergers, involving 77 discrete nonprofits, different legal and organizational structures, from all-volunteer organizations up to $50M+ agencies, and several within a regulated environment.


Glick Davis & Associates offers multiple solutions to support your organization’s partnership and merger needs.  Many organizations come to our firm with a desire for greater organizational impact.  We support you to identify different prospective partnership models, assess viability and financial benefits of partnership, including agreements to collaborate, joint ventures or formal partnerships at the program or organization level to full merger with another organization where viable and desirable.

Partnership Solutions

Examples of Glick Davis & Associates’ many partnership solutions include:

  • Development of shared services models,
  • Joint ventures for programs or capital facilities,
  • Cross-referral strategies, and
  • Coalition or association development.

Merger Solutions

Our firm provides full-service merger support. We provide:

  • Feasibility analysis, including of potential partners,
  • Support in negotiations, and
  • Guidance on organizational integration and capacity building for the future.

To learn more about whether a merger may be right for you, see our FAQ page.

What our clients are saying


Unique in our expertise in nonprofit partnerships and mergers, our team applies methods derived from over 30 extensive partnership engagements to help you analyze, negotiate, navigate, close and launch a new partnership.   Our consultants bring change management, financial analysis, legal, negotiation, and cultural facilitation skills to assure a successful partnership or merger.

How we work with you

Glick Davis & Associates has facilitated partnerships and mergers between two organizations and in several cases with multiple parties coming together as a single merged organization.  We identify a scope of work that makes sense for your particular organizational needs with the expertise of our team to address relevant legal, financial, program, staffing and other questions as you consider merger solutions.

Types of merger and partnership engagements

  • Eastside Employment Services: Merged into Vadis
  • Family and Adult Service Center: Merged into Compass Housing Alliance
  • Greater Lakes Mental Health: Affiliated with Multi-Care Health System
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratories: Multi-office partnership within US Department of Energy
  • Navos Behavioral Health Solutions: Affiliated with Multi-Care Health System
  • Residence XII:  Merged into Newport Academy
  • Seattle United: Merged select soccer programs of eight clubs within the Seattle Youth Soccer Association
  • Seattle Children’s Home: Merged into Navos Behavioral Health Solutions
  • Seattle Colleges Foundation:  Merger of multiple college foundations into single foundation
  • Temple Beth Am: Acquisition of Stroum Jewish Community Center’s Seattle Early Childhood School
  • Vancouver United: Merged three soccer clubs into a larger and stronger united club
  • Washington Low Income Housing Alliance: Merged Washington Low Income Housing Congress and Network