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Performance Improvement & Turnarounds

When the path forward needs to change

We literally wrote the book on Nonprofit Turnarounds because so many organizations need help to improve when they are often unsure of what to do. Applying many of the diagnostic and change methods outlined in our book, Glick Davis & Associates helps organizations perform honest self-assessments and develop and put into place a practical response plan.


Performance Improvement and Turnaround Consulting Solutions

Services include performance improvement at the program level or organization-wide, including full-scale turnaround to improve mission outcomes and financial sustainability.  Our team offers:

  • Organizational assessment and bench-marking against similar organizations
  • Analysis of performance of individual business lines to determine if programmatic or financial improvements are achievable
  • Performance improvement or turnaround strategy and plan development
  • Coaching / training of organizational leaders in how to implement the changes required

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Is your organization in a performance improvement or turnaround situation? Are you facing serious  challenges and not sure what to do? See our FAQ.

Or, purchase Jan Glick’s book: Nonprofit Turnaround

Nonprofit Turnaround

A Must Read for Nonprofit Leaders and Supporters

What our clients are saying


One of the few firms dedicated to performance improvement and turnarounds, our consulting team has worked with high performing and struggling organizations over 25 years.  Our deep expertise in supporting organizations to diagnose and address both discrete and deep organizational challenges is a specialized area of service unique in the nonprofit field.  We have developed performance improvement strategies and indicators for multiple organizations, have supported wholesale organizational turnarounds, and supported countless organizations to identify the need for changes to mission focus, program and business lines, entrepreneurial expansion, and better understanding of their external operating environments to assure community impact and mission success.

How we work with you

Our team brings a structured diagnostic process to identify your needs and help you improve or turnaround your organization.  We do this through direct organizational engagement, working with your board and CEO on in-depth performance improvement and turn-around strategies.

Our performance improvement consulting support solutions benefit individual organizations and expand expertise across the sector. Our  diagnosis and organizational strengthening solutions are based on hundreds of case studies from our book Nonprofit Turnaround and our team's extensive consulting engagements on performance improvement.