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Turnaround FAQs

Learn More:  For a more complete description of nonprofit turnarounds, download Jan’s comprehensive presentation on what to expect in a turnaround


Or, purchase Jan’s book: Nonprofit Turnaround: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants & Funders

Nonprofit Turnaround: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders, Consultants and Funders

Nonprofit Turnaround, Jan Glick’s ground-breaking book for the nonprofit sector, explains how leaders can guide struggling nonprofits through a transformation in order to emerge as high-functioning, mission-achieving organizations again. Based on discussions with nonprofit leaders across the country, Nonprofit Turnaround shows how to solve major organizational problems and navigate the path from organizational crisis to health. Written in a style accessible to board members and staff, Nonprofit Turnaround also encompasses the depth and breadth needed by staff leaders and consultants seeking to refine their approach to their next turnaround engagement.

Nonprofit Turnaround explains how to recognize crisis symptoms in your nonprofit and determine whether a turnaround is needed. It then describes in detail what the turnaround process entails, and guides leaders in how to manage the process. Specific chapters focus on each major aspect of the turnaround process, including:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Building a turnaround leadership team
  • Establishing direction and hope
  • Changing organizational culture and communications
  • Fixing the business model
  • Turnaround decision-making processes

Nonprofit Turnaround shows how powerful and effective leadership, directing the turnaround process on multiple fronts, can move a distressed organization to a more productive future.

A Must Read for
Nonprofit Leaders and Supporters

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